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New!!! Bottle D106, capacity 1000 ml.

JC “Bel-Plast International” Ltd. has started the production of a new bottle D106, capacity 1l. The bottle is designed for prepackaging, safe transportation and storage of household chemical goods. Wide range of colors!


ATTENTION!!! Now you can order the bottle M106, capacity 1l with new neck 28/410.

After studying the wishes of our customers, we made a new neck 28/410 for the bottle M106. This step has allowed not only to increase the choice of caps to this position, but also to consider this packaging from a completely different angle.


New!!! Bottle D105, capacity 1000 ml.

We have started the production of a new bottle D105, capasity 1 liter. The bottle is designed for prepackaging, safe transportation and storage of household chemical goods. Original design, large selection of caps, wide range of colors. If you are interested in this position, we are ready to provide the samples.

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JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. is part of the group "ROSINSKI PACKAGING", one of the largest producers of polymer packaging in Europe.

The basic direction of activity of the enterprise is producing of plastic packaging for household chemical goods, cosmetics, foodstuffs and medical products.

Currently our company produces more than 200 articles of plastic packages that are realized on the markets of the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland. The enterprise produces packaging for such known trade brands as: Vanish, Vanish OXI Action, Dosia, Cillit Bang, Henkel, oment, Decoro, Unicum, Cotico, Cotico BABY, "VAILY", Easywork,Russkaya Kosmetika, Shevrotex, Śnieżka, Taifun, SellWin, Bliss, Volton, Viksan, AquaSun, HANBOK, "Soft Silk", "Romax", "GRASS", "Shine", "LUX", The world of disinfection, Novodez, ABC, Zolotaya kaplya, Kamako and others.