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Victory in the international competition for the best products "Crystal Lotus 2019"

 JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. won another victory in the annual international competition "Crystal Lotus 2019", which took place on February 26, 2019 in the framework of the Interbytchim” exhibition in Moscow. The bottles D106 and M110 were awarded with two gold medals and diplomas in the nomination for the best packaging. 


We invite to visit our stand at the exhibition Interbythim - 2019".

We invite you to visit our stand 3 at the International specialized exhibition “Interbythim - 2019".

Exhibition timings: February 25 to 27, 2019.

Venue: Russia, Moscow, VK "Guest House", st. Ilyinka 4


The best employee from JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. on the basis of work in 2018

A solemn event was held on February 15, 2019 in the Palace of Culture. It was dedicated to summing up of the basis of work in Lida region for 2018.There were named the best labor groups and the best workers in various industries.

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  About the enterprise

JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. is part of the group "ROSINSKI PACKAGING", one of the largest producers of polymer packaging in Europe.

The basic direction of activity of the enterprise is producing of plastic packaging for household chemical goods, cosmetics, foodstuffs and medical products.

Currently our company produces more than 200 articles of plastic packages that are realized on the markets of the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland. The enterprise produces packaging for such known trade brands as: Vanish, Vanish OXI Action, Dosia, Cillit Bang, Henkel, oment, Decoro, Unicum, Cotico, Cotico BABY, "VAILY", Easywork,Russkaya Kosmetika, Shevrotex, Śnieżka, Taifun, SellWin, Bliss, Volton, Viksan, AquaSun, HANBOK, "Soft Silk", "Romax", "GRASS", "Shine", "LUX", The world of disinfection, Novodez, ABC, Zolotaya kaplya, Kamako and others.