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 NEW!!! Bottle D107, 1400 ml

JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. has started production of the bottle D107, capacity of 1400 ml, which added the range of cylindrical bottles to the existing 500 and 900 ml bottles. The main advantages of the design:
- the cylindrical form is developed taking into account universality of application and convenience at storage and transportation;
- a wide neck allows you to pack both liquid and gel-like products, as well as granular mixtures and free-flowing powders;
- the label field of the maximum area allows to place all necessary information on the packed product; 
- complete with HDL screw cap of our own production, which serves as a dosing cup with a measuring scale of 30, 50 and 60 ml.

The main advantages of the material:
- withstands a wide range of operating temperatures;
- maintains a long service life;
- differs in stable durability on compression;
- has a high degree of impact resistance; 
- has high chemical resistance; 
- does not change the chemical properties of the packaged product; 
- it is made in various colors; 
- recyclable after use.


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