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 Victory in the competition “GRAND-STAR RUSSIA – 2010”

The collection of winnings of JC “Bel-Plast International” Ltd. became richer for one more award.

The enterprise has become the winner of the 5th All-Russian contest for the best packaging “GRAND-STAR RUSSIA – 2010” that was held during  “Rosupak 2010” (Moscow) the largest packaging exhibition of Russia and Eastern Europe.

The contest “GRAND-STAR RUSSIA – 2010” is the most significant competition among the participants of the packaging market for the best packaging that determines the standarts of mastery in the field of packaging and tendency of its development. It is held according to the international standards and it is accepted by World Packaging organization (WPO). The contest was held among producers, suppliers, designers and customers of packaging that is produced and imported to the market of Russian Federation and it is more than 650 participants from 28 countries of the world. The jury of the contest was made up of independent specialists, experts of packaging business, famous designers, journalists, professionals of adjacent branches, representatives of specialized NII, public organizations, university lecturers of specialized chairs.

It is necessary to note that “GRAND-STAR RUSSIA – 2010” is the highest award of Russian packers.

The products of JC “Bel-Plast International” Ltd. won the nomination “Packaging for household chemical goods” and they were awarded with gold medal and diplomas.

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