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 Rewarding Quality Leader badge

For personal contribution to the achievement of the best results in terms of quality of products, services and systems management five leaders of the Belarusian companies on the basis of 2012 awarded the badge "Quality Leader". Awards presented by the Chairman of State Standard Viktor Nazarenko during the awarding ceremony of the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality. Today, the 25 leaders of the country have badges "Quality Leader", which indicates the business excellence of their enterprises and the competitiveness of products. In Grodno region in 2009, recognition at the national level have been the leaders of public companies "Grodno meat-packing plant" Anatoly Grishuk and "Milky World" Joseph Shishko. This year an award for his contribution to the quality of the products has been awarded the CEO of JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. - Anatoly Velikin.

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