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 NEW !!! Bottle M111, capacity 250 ml

JC “Bel-Plast International” Ltd. has begun production of the bottle M111, 250 ml intended for the household chemical goods, paints and varnishes and other household products.

 Design Advantages:

- the rectangular shape makes it convenient for further packaging, transportation, storage and operation;

- a wide neck allows to pack, both liquid and bulk products;

 - the presence of stiffeners make the bottle more durable and resistant to dynamic loads;

There are two types of screw caps:

 1) "CRC PH TE 2 with foam 1.8 mm auto" with a liner, a safety ring and an element of protection against opening by children;

2) "Tamper Evident" with a sealing liner and a safety ring.

3) "Plukanie" with a sealing ring.

The bottle is made by extrusion blow molding of polyethylene or polypropylene with the addition of masterbatches of various colors.

Thanks to high quality raw materials the bottle:

- maintains a wide range of working temperatures;

- does not change the chemical properties of the packaged product;

- resistant to aggressive environments;

- increases the shelf life of products due to its tightness;

- has a wide color gamma;

- suitable for subsequent processing after use.

For visually impaired and blind people, a tactile sign in the form of a triangle is located at the bottom of the bottle, warning about the dangers of the product. The new packaging development will expand the opportunities for implementing the ideas of consumers on the design of the finished product and be in demand in the modern market. In case of interest, we are ready to provide samples of this product.


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