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 XX Belarusian-Polish Economic Forum "Neighborhood 2016"

Anatoly Velikin General Director of JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. took part in the XX Belarusian-Polish Economic Forum "Neighborhood 2016" which was held on the 24th of October, 2016 in Minsk. The forum was attended by over 500 representatives of Belarusian and Polish business, bodies of public administration, diplomatic corps, business associations, the leading media of the two countries. There were discussed and considered questions of intensification investment and industrial cooperation; the agreements were signed on cooperation of Belarusian enterprises and organizations with Polish partners. The companies JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. and ROSINSKI PACKAGING Sp. z o.o. were awarded with Economic Award of the Chairman of the Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry by name of Jozef Lokhovsky for especially creative development of economic activities in the packaging industry in Belarus and Eurasian Economic Union.


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