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 The contest "Man of the Year" determined the winners of JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. on the results of 2014.

The contest "Man of the Year" determined the winners of JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. on the results of 2014.

This beginning of the tradition laid in 2014, at the 15th anniversary birthday JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd., in order to encourage the employees, contributing the largest contribution to the development of production and activity of the company, actively involved in his public life, achieved significant results in their professional activities.

In our company the attitude to work is regarded as one of the most important indicators of the moral, aesthetic and civic maturity of a man.

The title of "Person of the Year" unanimously and rightfully was awarded to Director General of "Bel-Plast International" Velikin Anatoly Leonidovich.

The result of successful work of the collective, led by Anatoly Leonidovich, is based primarily on the ability to organize people, unite them around a common aim, on the ability to understand each employee, to endear, to help in difficult times. Experienced leader who knows how to plan the further development of the company, Velikin A.L. is one of those people who are not afraid to bet on the diversification of production in unstable conditions. The basis of the policy pursued by Velikin A.L. is the introduction of new technologies and improving product quality.

The victory in the nomination "Master of his craft" won the electrician on repair and maintenance of electrical 4 discharge Andrey Vladimirovich Kozlovsky, who knows how to work efficiently and accurately with a sense of responsibility for assigned work.

The victory in the nomination "The best leader" was awarded the master of change Vincha Vladimir Stanislavovoich for the ability to arrange the cadres and organize their interaction, as well as to objectively evaluate their subordinates and work competently entrusted to operate the division.

The chief accountant of our company Mamoyko Irina Cheslavovna was awarded in the category "Activist”, wherein an active lifestyle, able to unite the collective for a common aim. She is purposeful and sociable and can independently and in a timely manner make responsible decisions, and find support in the labor collective.

All winners were awarded with diplomas and monetary rewards.

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