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 About the enterprise

JC "Bel-Plast International" Ltd. is part of the group "ROSINSKI PACKAGING", one of the largest producers of polymer packaging in Europe.

The assortment of the company includes more than 300 articles of plastic packages for household chemical goods, perfumery, cosmetics, foodstuffs and medical products that can be produced both in small batches and serially.

We organize producing of new moulds according to the order of the client.

Products of the enterprise are realized on the markets of the Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Poland.

We produce plastic packaging for such known trade brands as «Vanish», «Dosia», «Woolite», «Cillit Bang», «Calgon», «Lysol», «Harpic», «Henkel», «Мoment», «Unicum», «Cotico», «VAILY», «EasyWork», «Russkaya Kosmetika», «HANBOK», «NEWEL», «Condor», «Reva Care», «ТАПО», «GrunWelt», «VITALUR», «I am happy», «Taifun», «SellWin», «Blis», «KEMI», «Volton», «Forest clean», «AquaSun», «Soft Silk», «Romax», «Sonca», «The world of disinfection», «ABC», «Kamako» and others (Exclusive packaging).


Our mission:

To produce high-quality and competitive products at the lowest cost, observing the requirements for labor protection and environmental legislation.

Our vision of the organization:

Become the main supplier of polymer packaging in the CIS countries.

Our strategic goal:

To improve the quality of products, in accordance with the requirements of consumers.

Preserve existing and develop new product markets.

Our values:

Teamwork. We are positive in communication, share experiences, knowledge, information and advice with each other. Team spirit helps us to meet the expectations of consumers. We together rejoice in victories and new rewards.

Quality and customer orientation. Everything that we do carries a sign of the highest quality. Our result of labor corresponds to the best standards and needs of consumers.

Security. We support working conditions that minimize risks, risks and injuries.

Respect and honesty. Ethics and honesty determine our behavior in dealing with consumers, team members, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Devotion. We give all our strength, working harder and more energetic than our competitors in order to help our organization succeed.

Openness. We listen to the ideas of others, and encourage an open dialogue. 


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